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 Plaintiff’s Verdict

SR v. TS, PL & CS, LLC.

June 2016 – August 2018

– Case Description

I was hired as lead trial counsel to represent an elderly gentleman that was the victim of fraud. The client suffered from a period of incapacity and had a power of attorney drawn up giving authority to his “friend” (“Defendant”) to manage his hotels, his personal finances, and his personal property.

After the client’s period of incapacity ended, he formally revoked his power of attorney (both in writing by formal filing, and orally directly to the

The Defendant refused to relinquish control of the clients property or assets. In fact, the Defendant depleted the client’s accounts of all the cash on hand, he stole my client’s cars and trucks, personal property, and the rental income from his properties, which caused the properties to go into foreclosure.

The Defendant, then attempted to transfer my client’s real properties through a fraudulent quit-claim deeds to the codefendant and her fake company. 

After two years of hard-fought litigation, the jury finally got to hear my client’s story and brought justice to him in the form of a verdict in his favor. 


Trial Summary

Originally scheduled for a week-long jury trial, I was able to stream-line the process. Proper objections and trial procedure limited the trial to appropriate witnesses and exhibits. The Defendants’ witnesses and exhibits that were never provided in discovery were properly excluded by the trial court. 

After picking the jury, I was able to resent evidence and witnesses; perform precise cross-examination, and present the case to the jury. The jury returned early in the evening with a verdict for my client, the Plaintiff. 



Pretrial Practice

Conducting discovery, defeating every one of the Defendant’s pre-trial motions (e.g. motions to dismiss)


Jury Selection

Selecting a great jury of impartial and unbiased jurors that listened and understood the case from start through verdict.


Post-Trial Practice

Prepare and present the final judgment to be entered. Filed motions to have the fraudulent deeds removed from the Public and Official Records.

Final Result

Justice prevailed and the jury awarded my client compensation for his loss and provided treble damages based on the Defendants’ actions.

Dollars Awarded

Day Trial

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